At CarNext, our mission is to change the way people buy a used car. Traditionally, the used car market has been fragmented, localized and inefficient. To address these limitations and transform the experience for everyone involved in the used car market - whether that’s customers, traders or suppliers - we decided to build CarNext.

We offer our B2C Retail customers an online first approach, supported by a network of stores and delivery options across Europe.



The CarNext marketplace is supplied by a network of trusted third parties and active sourcing activities to meet the growing customer demand.


CarNext has an extensive industrialized car journey which reconditions and checks all cars sold to customer on 228 check points. The process and reconditioning standards have been verified by TUV Nord an independent third party.

B2C Customers

The CarNext marketplace operates across Europe and offers customers a fun, easy, transparent and trustworthy way to buy a used car.

B2B traders

CarNext operates a B2B online auction platform and online trader app. Professional buyers can access daily auctions, featuring 1000s of vehicles across Europe.


CarNext offers a full range of remarketing services for our growing network of trusted third-party suppliers.

Latest News

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Oslo, September 22, 2021 – CarNext, one of Europe’s leading online B2C and B2B used car marketplaces, has appointed Ariane Struyf as Managing Director of...
15 September 2021
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19 August 2021
Let’s be honest, purchasing a used car just makes good financial sense, with less spend upfront and less depreciation in value in the long term. Buying a...
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