Rachel Guglietti: Global Campaign Manager, CarNext.com

I joined CarNext in September 2018, having previously been a research and marketing specialist and a performance marketing manager. Before coming to The Netherlands, I lived in the US and London.

In my job, I am currently the main point of contact for the marketing leads in 11 out of 23 countries. This involves being in charge of developing the strategy and performance for each country. We do things both locally and globally, so we work together with the countries to promote local campaigns, and coordinate centrally to make sure things are in alignment with the overall vision.

It feels like there is a lot of opportunity here for growth: both to see myself grow and to see the company grow. Within six months of joining, I was promoted and changed my role to one that’s more aligned with what I want to do in the future. That’s personal growth, but I’ve also seen the company grow from 50 full-time employees to around 150. There’s so much growth happening, and that’s really exciting to be a part of.

As a business, CarNext.com is positioned in a really unique way. There’s not anyone else in Europe offering the same propositions we are offering, in terms of enabling people to buy and finance a second-hand car completely online. We’re really trying to reach the customers where they are, and where they naturally want to be, adapting to the way people want to purchase.

For me, the exciting thing is seeing how the company is changing and adapting. When I started, we didn’t have the used-car lease option available, or financing. You couldn’t buy online and have it delivered to your home. None of these things were available even half a year ago. So I feel invested in seeing this grow and I feel invested in seeing the company be successful.

At CarNext.com, I’ve been given the opportunity to be really independent. Everyone’s voice is heard equally well. We come with different backgrounds and specialisations, and we sit together and brainstorm the best way to move forward. And there’s a lot of diversity on our teams. Each person brings not only experience from a professional standpoint, but also cultural experience.

We want to keep things moving quickly and stay agile. The people are what make this company what it is – we’re keeping that start-up culture alive.

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