Rob Claassen, Operations Manager, Transport and Logistics,

Before coming to in January 2019, I worked for multiple automotive companies, including one that started up across many countries in Europe, from a blank page. The reason for joining was that I saw a lot of similarities in the culture within, mainly around its start-up, scale-up environment, and the culture that belongs to that.

One of the most positive things about is that it’s an open environment with people who are engaged and motivated to build something from scratch, and who have the mindset to do so.

I describe our operations department, in a short sentence, as “making the online offer possible offline”. As is a technology-based company, the operations department makes sure everything happens offline with the actual car. We guide car journeys, with the end-to-end flow of vehicles being processed as they come from our partners and others.

With, we’ve started up business in multiple countries in Europe, but instead of having a completely blank page, we have LeasePlan, a big company, behind us. A lot of things are already in place, so that makes it really easy to scale the business from our side and make things happen without having to start everything up from scratch. Also, of course, there’s the challenge of needing to break through processes that have been done for many years, which we are doing completely differently.

In the used-car market, is highly disruptive. I haven’t seen any other company doing what we’re doing at this scale in Europe. I’m excited about working here at because growth is all we hear, every day. Once you join the company, you’re going to be in an environment that changes rapidly and brings a lot of opportunities along the way. If you like being involved in different projects, and want to do things fast, then this is the right environment for you.

Openness, being fast and being motivated – those are major points that are definitely part of the mindset here. If you find challenges within the company or with processes, or with anything you’re developing, you’ll find great partners within the company who have this same mindset, and can help you achieve what you need. It’s a mindset that energizes the company.

I’ve learned a lot in a short period. We’re trying to set up something completely new, but some things we’re setting up aren’t yet alive in the industry. For example, a project on the transport and logistics side can make total sense within the company, but the industry is not yet on a par, or at the digital level we’re working at in So we need to make sure those messages are being received.

What I enjoy at is building something up from scratch, being disruptive while doing that, and making a difference. It’s about working together to achieve results and seeing this happening every day is what keeps me excited.

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