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Blog: Serving customers safely

First and foremost, the focus of everyone working at CarNext.com and our partners has been on the health and wellbeing of people and customers. It’s never been more important to engage and interact with those around us, whether in our private lives or professional.

The need for social distancing has changed the way we perceive interaction, and understandably changed our needs and how we go about our everyday. This has placed CarNext.com in a unique position, with the ability to leverage already existing procedures and the online digital showroom to provide a safe yet engaging alternative to ‘traditional’ car shopping experiences.

Staying Connected

At CarNext.com, best-in-class customer service has consistently been at the forefront of our operations. With the wide-ranging scope of restrictions brought into effect by the COVID-19 pandemic, priority shifted to bringing the personal, human experience of visiting a Delivery Store completely online.

The online showroom operates as normal, with potential customers browsing a selection of cars depending on their filter choices. However, rather than the typical ‘book an appointment’ feature that would allow them to visit the store in person, they have been given the option to ‘book a video call’.

Once scheduled, the call is made via WhatsApp or FaceTime with a CarNext.com specialist in the potential customer's local store. Our specialists can then answer any questions they may have, as well as giving them a bespoke video tour around and inside the chosen vehicle.

Technology such as video calling not only maintains the safety and hygiene of both our in-store staff and potential customers, it offers a chance for human-to-human interaction – a rare commodity in current circumstances.

Convenience is Key

The online experience offered by CarNext.com has proved to be an invaluable source of information for potential customers and existing ones. Through offering a seamless shopping experience online, CarNext.com provides customers the chance to utilise a tried-and-tested retail environment without the need to even leave home.

With the demand for digital retail experiences increasing in recent weeks, as a result of social distancing, CarNext.com is continually looking to provide customers with the solutions they are looking for online, for example used car financing, home delivery and a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Operating from within the online e-commerce flow, customers can choose financing options that fit within their current situation, helping remove some concern and worry that may come when considering finances during what is a particularly stressful period.

The CarNext.com COVID-19 precautions

It is our priority to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our customers and staff and therefore we’ve put in place our own precautions and safety measures. We continuously monitor the situation and adapt as needed. If a customer or staff member is ill or is feeling under the weather then we advise them to stay home. 

Appointments in our Delivery Stores

  • CarNext.com staff keep a safe distance of 1.5 metres and welcome with a wave for now
  • An appointment takes a maximum of 40 minutes and with only one person in the customer party. This allows us to prepare for the next appointment and clean cars appropriately
  • CarNext.com staff wash their hands between each customer interaction
  • We have gloves, gel, soap in toilets, masks available for both staff and customers
  • We have installed plastic screens at the reception & sales desks

Video Appointment

  • We have the possibility to make a video appointment with customers, scheduled at times that work for our customers and completely tailored
  • During the video calls, hosted by our car specialist, a customer has the opportunity to see the car and ask any question without having to visit the store
  • Video appointments make it easier than ever to buy a car fully online without visiting our Delivery Store

Delivery in store

  • At CarNext.com it is also possible to buy your car fully online and have your car delivered at home
  • We inform each customer about the cleaning and safety steps prior to planned delivery
  • Customers can keep the CarNext.com pen used for signing documents, so it’s not necessary to bring your own pen
  • The vehicle is only handled by one member of staff during its preparation
  • We wear gloves and dispose of them afterwards in a dedicated bin
  • We use all the necessary protections in the car: steering wheel, gear stick and handbrake protection, seat and floor mats
  • We carry out quality control checks before delivery: visual aesthetic, ensuring documents are on board plus any accessories. After that, we remove the protections and disinfect the vehicle and the keys
  • We ask the customer to open the doors themselves, gloves are available for free and are recommended to be used
  • Any information that needs to be relayed will be given to the customer by the staff member standing from the passenger door at a distance of 1.5 metres
  • If possible, we prepare and organize the car handover outside
  • We handover the documents, car keys, etc indirectly whilst keeping a 1.5m distance

Home delivery

  • We will inform each customer of the process prior to the scheduled home delivery date
  • We check if we have received all the papers / ID upfront via email. If something is missing, we’ll contact the customer
  • Our delivery specialist has a hygiene package available for the customer and him/herself, including rubber gloves, hand sanitizer and a face mask
  • We disinfect all the touchpoints of the interior, like the steering wheel, gear stick, radio, etc. again before handing over to the customer
  • Any information that needs to be relayed will be given to the customer by the staff member standing from the passenger door at a distance of 1.5 metres
  • We handover the documents, car keys, etc indirectly whilst keeping a 1.5m distance

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