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CarNext.com partners with solarisBank to offer first-of-its-kind fully online financing solution for used cars

Amsterdam / Berlin – May 14 2020. CarNext.com, a pan-European online marketplace for high-quality used cars, today announced a new partnership with solarisBank, the Berlin-based tech company with a banking license, to provide its customers with fast, secure and transparent car financing, with the online credit process usually completed in as little as 10 minutes.

The new partnership with solarisBank enables eligible CarNext.com customers to secure instant car financing from 1.000 to 50.000 EUR for vehicle purchases. CarNext.com acts as an intermediary, with the solarisBank financing process running via the CarNext.com marketplace, removing the need to visit third-party pages or wait several days for approval. 

The solarisBank financing product will initially offered to CarNext.com customers in Germany.

Ewout van Jarwaarde, CEO of CarNext.com, said: “Traditionally buying a used car has been an offline process, generally not transparent and the experience also has a lot of pain points for customers – including car financing. With over 40% of customers in Europe looking for financing in order to purchase their next car, this was something we wanted to improve. Through our partnership with solarisBank, we can now offer customers instant car financing with confirmation within as little as 10 minutes. The process is fast and safe, and a great example of how we’re integrating the latest fintech technology to create a seamless online car buying and financing experience that meets the demands of social distancing.”

Roland FolzCEO of solarisBank, adds: “CarNext.com shares our conviction that customers in the digital age expect their services to be frictionless, fast and convenient. This fits perfectly into our model of ‘contextual banking’, in which banking services are seamlessly integrated directly into our partners’ products, websites or apps. CarNext.com is a true digital game-changer and we’re very excited to partner with them for this innovative product.”


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