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CarNext.com opens new used car vehicle hub in Maurepas, France

October 21, 2020 - CarNext.com, Europe’s leading online marketplace for high-quality used cars, opens a new used car vehicle hub in Maurepas, France. This new location is at the heart of the area, which has a reach of 13 million potential customers only an hour away.

"With CarNext.com, the objective is to provide any car, anytime and anywhere, in a very large but fragmented European used car market, which is relatively opaque and characterized by a low level of consumer confidence. Consumers are increasingly demanding practical, transparent and adaptable solutions. Practically customers don’t just want the ability to buy a high-quality used cars, but also to have access to financing and leasing solutions and this is what we do at CarNext.com. CarNext.com is based on trust and transparency," explains Stan Deveaux, Managing Director CarNext.com France, presenting at the brand new hub in Maurepas, France. The site was inaugurated - for health reasons – via video with the internal teams - this site, which has been entirely renovated and redesigned to focus on the sale of used vehicles to private individuals.

A true automotive hub

In Maurepas, the CarNext.com website aims to become a true "retail hub" for second-hand vehicle buyers in the Ile de France region. Located in an area capable of attracting 13 million potential customers less than an hour from their homes.

"We thought of the project as a real automotive hub. At Maurepas, we present models from nearly 30 brands. Customers come to the site and can discover all the vehicles in stock using touch screens. They have the possibility to choose a few models before making a test drive. A building of nearly 700m² entirely dedicated to the presentation and delivery of vehicles has been built to offer a customer experience that is unique on the market. The site is entirely customer-oriented and displays used cars ranging in price from 5,000 euros to 70,000 euros," adds Stan Deveaux.

While the Maurepas site is mainly dedicated to passenger cars, it also has a dedicated offer for commercial vehicles, with dedicated specialists to help customers choose their new vehicle.

E-commerce in development

From Maurepas or the other CarNext.com sites, cars can of course be acquired according to an entirely digital route. From all over France, CarNext.com platform customers have access to the proposed stock and can finalize an order with delivery included.

"Today, e-commerce represents about 10% of our sales; in 2021, our ambition is to increase our market share of 100% digital sales very significantly. We are going to increase the stock of vehicles to be able to offer customers the most varied offer possible and meet their expectations. Since the launch of CarNext.com we have quadrupled our sales between 2017 and 2019." concludes Stan Deveaux.

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