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CarNext “home delivers” Max Verstappen’s Formula 1 racing car using its online distribution network

Amsterdam, August 3, 2021 – Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen has received a special delivery from CarNext, one of Europe’s leading online B2C and B2B used car marketplaces. The e-commerce platform activated its home delivery network, to perform a lap of honour for the driver’s racing car through the streets of Amsterdam prior to being delivered at the Max Verstappen shop in Batavia Stad, the Netherlands.

Verstappen’s RB14 F1 car in 2021 livery departed CarNext’s store in Breukelen and was sighted by onlookers on the back of CarNext’s well recognized delivery truck as it was driven through the Amsterdam city centre before finally continuing its way to the Max Verstappen shop at Batavia Stad, covering a total of over 90 kilometers between the two stores. The initiative added colour to Max’s return to his home soil while helping build the excitement of fans in the lead-up to the upcoming Grands Prix at Spa-Francorchamps and Circuit Zandvoort.

The Belgian Grand Prix is scheduled for August 29 and will be followed by the Dutch Grand Prix on September 5. Two key events for the 23-year-old Dutch driver who seeks to take back the leadership in the 2021 Formula One championship, drawing on all his expertise as well as the boost provided by driving on his home turf.

By engaging CarNext for this delivery, Max Verstappen showed how even the very top drivers rely on the brand for delivering their used cars to their home with all the care they deserve. Verstappen’s RB14 secured a total of 11 podiums and two victories, in Austria and Mexico, during the 2018 F1 season and so naturally he saw CarNext as its ideal guardian for its journey through the Amsterdam city centre.

Asked about the action, Max Verstappen stated, "The second half of the season is starting on my home turf and the entire team is eager to continue our strong performance so far this championship. I am really excited to see the support of my partner CarNext and being able to use their network to take such good care of my racing car. I think being able to share something unique like this delivery with the Dutch fans is really special and I am really looking forward to getting back on the track after the summer break, to get back to the task of finishing what we started this season, and to win!”

To further boost support, CarNext will also rebrand its store in Breukelen, the Netherlands to support Max Verstappen for the upcoming Grands Prix.


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