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CarNext Italy’s special "accessory" electric scooter allied to smart mobility

Milan, May 6 2021 – CarNext, a pan-European digital marketplace for high-quality used cars launched new pilot with Segway to offer scooter to customers buying a car via CarNext in Italy.

The new perspectives of mobility and the needs of the new normal are reframing the automotive sector. To meet the changes that are affecting people, cities and the way people move from one place to another an integrated mobility approach is needed.

The trend of preferring the private car as the safest transport option in the new normal is what emerges from the Millennial Car Survey[1]published by CarNext, where more than 78% of Italian respondents say they are more likely to drive their own car rather than travel by public transport. At the same time, Millennials are now asking for integrated mobility solutions that are complementary to buses and underground trains and that can reduce congestion in cities by moving towards multimodal transport. This is the context for the latest initiative by CarNext, the pan-European online marketplace for high-quality used cars, which offers car buyers in Italy the opportunity to integrate a Segway electric scooter at a very modest price.

The proposal, available until of May 31, is valid with the purchase of a vehicle from the CarNext digital marketplace: the scooter, delivered at home together with the car, will be an ally to travel smoothly even on the busiest city streets, helpful if the only available parking is not so close to your destination.

Dalisa Iacovino, Managing Director of CarNext Italy: "Consumers these days are looking for mobility that suits their changing needs and make getting from a to b easy. They see personal transport methods as convenient, comfortable and a safe way of moving from one place to another, part of a wider change in the insights of the growing circular economy. With our pilot initiative, where the car is an ally of smart mobility, we look at the needs of today's consumers and give them the possibility to choose their car and, at the same time, to opt for an integrated mobility solution that eases their trips"

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