Compact cars are the favorite of the Portuguese consumers, according to data from CarNext

Lisbon, May 10 2021 – CarNext, a pan-European digital marketplace for high-quality used cars, reveals the five best-selling cars in Portugal through during the first quarter of this year. Compact vehicles led the preferences - but there is an SUV in the Top 5.

According to data collected by CarNext, there are three brands that, just like in the same quarter of 2021, are again amongst the five most sought after used cars in the first three months of 2021 in Portugal: Volkswagen, Renault and Seat.

One of the highlights of this quarter is that the Nissan is the only SUV in this Top 5.

According to Luís Lopes, Managing Director of CarNext in Portugal, “the similarities between the data we obtained in the first quarter of 2021 with those we recorded last year allow us to identify a clear buying trend. The pandemic led the Portuguese to prefer their own car for daily travels and commutes instead of public transportation and, when the time to buy a new car came the choice of the Portuguese consumers was mainly for compacts.”

“This preference for used compact cars can be explained not only by the versatility, comfort and safety of this type of vehicles, but also by the way they best fit in the city life.”
According to the data obtained by CarNext, the best-selling cars in the first quarter of 2021 in Portugal were the following:

1. Volkswagen Golf

2. Renault Clio

3. Seat Ibiza

4. Opel Corsa

5. Nissan Qashqai

The most searched brands

Although this buying trend towards compact cars is clear, the most searched brands and models in Portugal belong to other vehicle classes and ranges. “There is a desire component allied to how Portuguese consumers visit CarNext in search of their next car. The growing confidence they have in our services and offer enhances the search for options among premium brands”, adds the CarNext’s Managing Director in Portugal.

This may explain why the most searched brands did not match the best-selling ones in the first quarter of the year, with Mercedes-Benz and BMW taking the top spots as the most searched brands on CarNext's consumer platform.

Following the growing trend for the used car market, the CarNext’s range of e-commerce services has earned the consumers trust and fueled the number of visits to the online marketplace.

These e-commerce services, recently launched in Portugal, include virtual car appointments, home delivery and Click & Collect.

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