Home car deliveries on the rise: SUVs top the January ranking in Spain at CarNext.com

Online second-hand car purchases consolidate their upward trend in Spain, spurred on by the effects of the pandemic

Bilbao and Malaga, the cities with the greatest rise in interest for second-hand cars

Madrid, March 17 2021An Audi or a BMW? Two brands alternate in the top positions of the ranking of the most sought-after used cars by Spanish consumers. And in both cases, the same type of vehicle triumphs: the most desired models by visitors to CarNext.com, Europe’s leading online marketplace for high-quality used cars, at the beginning of 2021 are all SUVs.

According to Javier Collazos, General Manager of CarNext.com in Spain “data from our platform show the clear predisposition of buyers for SUV models, an attractive format for families that, in times of lockdown restrictions, grows in importance as it facilitates much longed-for city breaks, together with the security that only a private car can provide.”

Online sales of second hand cars continue their upward trend as an alternative to traditional sales at car dealers or to agreements between private sellers, playing on a range of key strengths such as the lack of personal contact between the individuals striking the deal and the ability to get round mobility restrictions. At CarNext.com, purchasers can choose to have the car delivered to their own home or pick it up at their closest store. And furthermore, should they in any way not be satisfied with the purchase, they have 14 days to get their money back.

At CarNext.com, between January 2020 and the same month in 2021 searches for used cars have risen by up to 45% in the case of Bilbao and 20% in Malaga. However, Madrid and Barcelona are the cities in which most searches were performed at the start of the year, with a big difference between them: those recorded in the Spanish capital nearly doubled (+97%) those recorded in Barcelona. And in terms of the most sought-after cars, consumer interest was clearly focused on SUVs.

According to Javier Collazos, "consumers, who in the case of CarNext.com are primarily from the Generation X (40-55) and Millennials (25-40), have over the past year become accustomed to performing most of their tasks from the comfort of their home and prioritise ease and convenience when purchasing a car together with guarantees and transparency in the sales process. ECommerce in the world of second-hand car purchases is a trend that has been driven up by the pandemic and has great potential in the post-Covid era.”

According to data from CarNext.com, the following cars were most demanded by consumers at the start of 2021:

1. Audi Q5

The popular SUV of the German brand stands out for its luxurious interior design and an interior combining technology and connectivity. It is currently available at CarNext.com for prices starting at €23,800.

2. BMW X3

This SUV, also of German origin, has become one of the most iconic and sought-after cars in the automotive market thanks to its excellent engine and driving ability, as well as its stylish design. It is currently available at CarNext.com from €19,900.

3. Volvo XC60

This model of the Swedish brand stands out as one of the safest cars currently on the market, with a wide range of technological features that ensure a solid driving experience. It can be found at CarNext.com from €18.900.

4. Volkswagen Tiguan

This popular SUV has established itself as one of the representative vehicles of the German brand thanks to its stylish and sporty design and the combination of space, comfort and luxury. It is currently available at CarNext.com for a price of € 18,400.

5. Mercedes-Benz GLC

The full embodiment of the SUV par excellence. This Mercedes-Benz model has become a symbol for the brand thanks to the experience and comfort of driving and its refined design. It can be found on CarNext.com from €26,900.


CarNext.com Global Insights: Spain - The rise of SUV’s in 2021

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