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5 eye-catching cars under €15.000 – and tips for buying online

Let’s be honest, purchasing a used car just makes good financial sense, with less spend upfront and less depreciation in value in the long term. Buying a used car with a thorough background check and inspection also means years of reliability. But finding your ideal car among the sheer number of options online can feel like a lot. Therefore, we’ve done a little work for you, with five of our best picks under €15.000. Whether one of these is the one or you’re still on the hunt, we’ve also included a few tips to make purchasing a car online easier, more efficient and more transparent.

  1. Mercedes Benz A Class: All eyes on you as you drive this sporty beauty down the road. With a long list of features and attention-grabbing beauty, this is the full Mercedes hatchback package.
  2. Volkswagen Polo: This is one of the most popular used car models ever, and for good reason. With features like navigation and cruise control and years of customer satisfaction, this is a value for the savvy driver.
  3. BMW 3 Series: The 3 series is an icon of luxury and driving it just feels good. With 153 horsepower and all the modern amenities a driver needs, this sedan exudes power and style without breaking the bank.
  4. Volkswagen Golf: A classic VW station wagon packed with safety features and lots of room, this is the perfect car for those on the go, often with little ones in tow. With space and comfort, the years of road trips practically plan themselves.
  5. Peugeot 2008: Sometimes life calls for a good, reliable SUV. With a long list of features, tons of space and a mix of sporty and luxury, this is the perfect vehicle for the on-the-go driver seeking comfort.

Making online shopping work for you
Whether your new car is listed above, or you want to do a bit more shopping, the first step is deciding what you value in a car, regardless of make or model. Look at amenities and features and get an understanding of what you value, whether it’s safety, interior, vehicle age or performance. Then, research car brands – get a good grasp on their reputations, pricing, strengths and weaknesses. You’ll quickly see which make the most sense for you.

Expert tips for a seamless experience
When the search begins for the one, how can you ensure that your dream car isn’t actually a nightmare? If you are one of the (ever-growing) 31% of car buyers who buy online, according to CarNext’s “COVID-19 Mobility Survey”, there are several simple and effective ways to inspect a car and make an informed decision about your purchase online before you ever see it in person.

  • First, trust your eyes! Take full advantage of 360-degree photos and videos to look at the entire vehicle, scanning the body for visible issues. Don’t be afraid to ask for additional pictures and videos if there are areas of interest.
  • Schedule a virtual appointment with the seller. Have them walk around the car and turn everything on and off to make sure it works. Make sure the listed mileage is accurate. Ask questions like how many owners the car as had and why it was sold. Request a full maintenance history from the previous owner or dealer.
  • If you’re still feeling excited about the vehicle, it may be time to take the dive. You can have your car delivered at home. With CarNext’s 14-day money back guarantee, you can now inspect the car yourself. Check everything, take it on the road and rest assured that CarNext is here to help you!

At the end of the day, you deserve to be completely confident in your vehicle. You are the only one that knows what is best for you, and some of that comes down to your gut instinct. However, setting priorities, doing your research and using the tips above will assist you in making an informed decision that will save you money and make sure you drive away with the right car for your needs.

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