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CarNext establishes AI-based car inspection systems in Germany

Düsseldorf, 24 May 2021 – CarNext, the pan-European online marketplace for high-quality used cars, is partnering with Germany based tech company Twinner to run a virtual car inspections pilot using AI technology.

Through the virtual car scanner, CarNext is improving its inspection processes by combining innovative digital technology with a traditionally offline process. The pilot enables CarNext to optimize its customer experience by offering additional transparency when buying cars online. With its solutions, Twinner is a driving force in the digitalisation of the automotive industry. The car scanner automates the creation of high-quality remarketing images and the 360-degree widget of vehicles on the CarNext marketplace. The images and the widget ensure an unprecedented level of detail for the customers, enabling confident online purchases and a continuously high-quality standard for remarketing materials.

Martin Verrelli, Managing Director CarNext Germany: “CarNext is continuously investing in industry leading Artificial Intelligence and automation technologies to keep our platform ahead of the curve and serve changing customer needs. The new inspection systems will streamline our operations allowing for significant scale up, while also improving the B2C aspect of our platform. Equipped with this innovative system, we provide our customers with everything they need to make an informed decision as to their next online car purchase.”

Silvan Cloud Rath, CEO Twinner: „We are proud to be working with CarNext, who we think of as one of the most forward thinking used car powerhouses in the EU. It will not be long before anybody can get the fair market value of any car within minutes by driving through a scanner. CarNext and Twinner share the belief that the used car market is ripe for disruption. Car selling and buying will be largely digital very soon.”

Fast and accurate vehicle scan
The vehicle scanner of Twinner is a garage-like structure, which automatically measures the tire tread depth and scans the underbody of the vehicle, on driving into the space, to then scan the entire vehicle from the inside and outside within a few minutes. The scanner uses unique multispectral sensors which allow to e.g. measure the age of paint to reveal pre-existing damages or identify dents and scratches. The scanner also provides high quality images, a 360-degree view of the vehicle from both the inside and outside and a guided tour of high- and lowlights of the vehicle.

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