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White is top choice among car buyers in Europe

The Netherlands, June 15, 2022 – CarNext, one of Europe’s leading online B2C and B2B used car marketplaces, reveals the top three automotive colours for the first two months in 2022 in Europe.

Within the wider European market, neutral colours dominate the roads; white, once again, is the top colour choice among car buyers in January and February this year, followed by black and then grey, according to CarNext’s latest data. Safety could be one of the reasons why drivers opt for a white car. The Vehicle Colour Study, conducted by Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC), confirmed the popular belief that white is the safest choice when it came to being visible and safe on the road.

Most popular car colours in CarNext’s seven major markets:

  • Germany – black, white, and grey
  • Spain – white, black, and blue
  • France – white, grey, and black
  • Italy – white, black, and grey
  • The Netherlands – black, grey, and white
  • Norway – black, white, and grey
  • Portugal – white, black, and grey

The CarNext digital platform allows customers to find and buy their dream cars based on car colours, make models, fuels, and many more. Not only does the data enable CarNext to better understand customers’ preferences, it also ensures the group maintains the appropriate stock level for the most popular cars. As one of the first leading digital used car marketplaces in Europe, CarNext has been harnessing its technology for various critical functions, from demand management to pricing prediction, from digital financing to payment process. Through studying customers’ behaviours and looking for innovative solutions, CarNext continues to fulfil customers’ needs and improve their car buying experience.


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