CarNext operates a B2B online auction platform and online trader app. Professional buyers can access daily auctions, featuring 1000s of vehicles across Europe.

The CarNext Trader experience is focused on providing a trusted, reliable and tailored experience for all B2B customers. Local and International Traders are able to bid across any device, access additional services such as transportation and support from a dedicated Customer Care Team.


CarNext Auctions

CarNext Auctions is the leading platform for traders and professional buyers across Europe. CarNext operates daily auctions for Local and International Traders featuring 1,000s of cars. We offer full transparency with each vehicle listed with an independently verified appraisal report. The experience is tailored with recommended vehicles offered based on trader history and saved searches.

Cross Border

CarNext operate a B2B Cross Border network, enabling International Traders to bid across Europe. The processing of import documents gets handled by our Trader Care Team.

Transportation Solutions

The CarNext Transport Solution seamlessly enables traders to calculate and order national and international transport for vehicles during the auction.

Trader app

The CarNext Trader app makes the bidding process smooth and swift, enabling traders to locate and act on needed information anytime, anywhere. The app allows Trader to browse auctions, submit bids, get instantly notified when outbid or a new auction starts, and sign up for personalised recommendations.

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