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LAST REVISED: April 7th 2020

This Cookie Policy describes the different types of cookies and similar technologies that may be applied on Carnext.com (“Website”) of CarNext.com NL B.V. and its subsidiaries (together referred to below as “CarNext.com”, “we” or “us”). We reserve the right to change this Cookie Policy at any time. Please, take a look at the “LAST REVISED” legend at the top of this page to see when this Cookie Policy was last revised. Any changes in this Cookie Policy will become effective when we make the revised Cookie Policy available on or through the Website. If you have any further queries, please, contact us via privacy@carnext.com.


Cookies are a standard feature of websites that allow us to store small amounts of data on your computer, phone or tablet about your visit to the Website. Cookies are necessary to respond to your requests when you visit our website. They may also help us learn which areas of the Website are useful and which areas need improvement. Cookies may further be used to serve you better or show you more interesting features and advertisements on ours or on third parties’ websites. The information stored in a cookie may be used during your next visit.

The purpose of a cookie may also be achieved by using technologies similar to cookies. Such technologies are storing or accessing information on your device. Examples of similar technologies are web beacons, pixel tags, java scripts and device fingerprinting. For ease of reference in this policy, we use the term cookies to refer to both cookies and similar technologies.
We may also use your IP address to obtain information on visits by your device for fraud prevention and authentication purposes.

Some of the above cookies we will only use with your prior consent. Below we will explain which cookies are necessary for the use of our website, the use of which cookies you can opt-out of and which cookies we will only use with your consent. You can always withdraw your consent and change your cookie settings. You can do so by navigating to the bottom of any page on our website and clicking on ‘Cookie Settings’.


Below we list the different types of cookies that may be used on the Website. To the extent any personal data is collected through cookies, our Privacy Statement applies and complements this Cookie Policy.

Cookie List

Targeting Cookies

Cookie Subgroup Cookies Cookies used
carnext.com _gat_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, _uetsid, SSID, _fbp 1st Party
www.carnext.com visitor_id#####, visitor_id137401-hash 1st Party
yahoo.com A1, B, A3, GUC, A1S 3rd Party
spotxchange.com audience 3rd Party
pi.pardot.com visitor_id#####, pardot, lpv137401, visitor_id137401-hash 3rd Party
casalemedia.com CMPRO, CMPS, CMID, CMST, CMRUM3 3rd Party
youtube.com VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE, GPS, YSC 3rd Party
360yield.com umeh, tuuid, tuuid_lu, um 3rd Party
bing.com MUID 3rd Party
doubleclick.net IDE, test_cookie 3rd Party
rlcdn.com pxrc, rlas3 3rd Party
fwmrm.net _uid 3rd Party
www.linkedin.com bscookie 3rd Party
mathtag.com uuid 3rd Party
facebook.com fr 3rd Party
everesttech.net everest_g_v2 3rd Party
ads.stickyadstv.com uid-bp-892, uid-bp-36033, uid-bp-529, uid-bp-45, uid-bp-37825, uid-bp-171, uid-bp-717, uid-bp-25746, sessionId, uid-bp-159, uid-bp-617, UID, MRM_UID 3rd Party
ipredictive.com cu 3rd Party
atdmt.com ATN 3rd Party
www.facebook.com 3rd Party
pardot.com visitor_id#####, visitor_id137401-hash 3rd Party
krxd.net e_MupLdJXQ^_kuid|kppidff_NjLfYoYf, e_MupLdJXQ^_kuid|kppidff_NuthaHQk, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|NjL1FqAa, e_MupLdJXQ^_kuid|kppidff_NjLsBDCd, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|kppidff_NutXxiW6, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|NutvjGnX, e_MupLdJXQ^_kuid|NutaLGDP, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|Nut5ulDW, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|kppidff_NjL6XXZk, e_MupLdJXQ^_kuid|NjLpIDhu, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|NjMRBeiG, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|kppidff_NutvjGnX, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|kppidff_NjLpIDhu, e_MupLdJXQ^_kuid|NutvjGnX, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|NjLpIDhu, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|NjMLMN9l, e_MupLdJXQ^_kuid|NjL6XXZk, e_MupLdJXQ^_kuid|NjLfYoYf, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|kppidff_NjL1FqAa, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|kppidff_NjMRBeiG, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|NjMXGoHo, e_MupLdJXQ^_kuid|kppidff_NutvjGnX, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|NjL4RzTr, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|NjLue6ms, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|kppidff_NjL4RzTr, e_MupLdJXQ^_kuid|kppidff_NjL6XXZk, e_MupLdJXQ^_kuid|kppidff_NutaLGDP, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|NutXxiW6, e_MupLdJXQ^_kuid|kppidff_NjLue6ms, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|kppidff_NjMXGoHo, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|NjLsBDCd, _kuid_, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|kppidff_NjLfYoYf, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|NjL9S1St, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|kppidff_NjL9S1St, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|kppidff_NutaLGDP, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|NjL6XXZk, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|kppidff_NjLzWdYh, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|NutaLGDP, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|kppidff_NjMPFrP4, e_MupLdJXQ^_kuid|NuthaHQk, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|kppidff_NjLue6ms, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|kppidff_NjMLMN9l, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|NjLfYoYf, e_MupLdJXQ^_kuid|kppidff_NjLpIDhu, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|kppidff_NjMMziBf, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|kppidff_Nut5ulDW, e_MupLdJXQ^_kuid|NjLsBDCd, e_MupLdJXQ^_kuid|NjLue6ms, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|NuthaHQk, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|kppidff_NjLsBDCd, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|NjMMziBf, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|kppidff_NuthaHQk, e_M2kh7rQr^_kuid|NjMPFrP4 3rd Party
adform.net C, CM, uid, DigiTrust.v1.identity, CM14 3rd Party
linkedin.com lidc, lissc, lang, bcookie, UserMatchHistory, li_gc 3rd Party
ads.linkedin.com lang 3rd Party
bidswitch.net c, tuuid_lu, tuuid 3rd Party
crwdcntrl.net _cc_cc 3rd Party
adsrvr.org TDCPM, TDID 3rd Party
turn.com uid 3rd Party
smartadserver.com pid, csync, TestIfCookieP 3rd Party
advertising.com APID 3rd Party

Functional Cookies

Cookie Subgroup Cookies Cookies used
vimeo.com vuid 3rd Party

Performance Cookies

Cookie Subgroup Cookies Cookies used
corporate.carnext.com _hjIncludedInSample 1st Party
carnext.com _gat_UA-nnnnnnn-nn, _hjid, _gclxxxx, _gat_UA-, _ga, _gid 1st Party

Strictly Necessary Cookies

Cookie Subgroup Cookies Cookies used
.carnext.com OptanonAlertBoxClosed 1st Party
lb.auctions.carnext.com OptanonConsent 1st Party
corporate.carnext.com AWSALBCORS, ASP.NET_SessionId 1st Party
optanon.blob.core.windows.net OptanonConsent 3rd Party
cookielaw.org __cfduid 3rd Party


You may always withdraw your consent or change your cookie settings by clicking on the Cookie Settings button at the bottom of each page on the Website. Cookies already placed before the adjustment, will not be removed if you do so. If you wish to remove existing cookies, please be referred to your browser settings. Information about the procedure to follow in order to remove, enable or disable cookies can be found on your Internet browser provider’s website via your help screen. You may wish to refer to http://www.allaboutcookies.org/manage-cookies/index.html for information on commonly used browsers. Please be aware that if cookies are disabled, not all features of the Website may operate as intended.

If you want to clear all cookies left behind by the websites you have visited, here are links where you can download three programs that clean out tracking cookies:

http://www.spybot.info/en/download/index.html, and

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